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I was so excited that I stopped what I was doing, contacted to inform her that I would — for free — come and explain Ubuntu and even help them install it and get started. Before I was a disciple of Jesus, I thought that Christianity and Jesus and all that virgin birth stuff was the root of the Christmas holiday. A little bit of study on these topics allowed some water to leak out and after digging in to the next level, the ship had sprung a leak and was on its way down.

For many of them it was a chance to get more drunk for a longer period of time without work getting in the way. To take it one notch further, when I announced to people around me that I wanted to drop the gift-giving thing from Christmas at that time it was just because I was broke and realized the nastiness of the commercial aspect of the season on broke people it was the unbelievers who seemed to be most upset.

The notable thing was that I never heard the name of Jesus exit their lips at any other time of the year yet, for them, Christmas was about Jesus?

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It had me addicted. Something about those gifts. Something about Santa. Something about that decorated tree.

All these things are very deep, cultural, and most definitely unavoidable. One of the second Christmas experiences that happened occurred while I was living in Korea. I suppose even this is rooted in the long term connection between the North American and Korean churches. It made me question what this time of the year was all about and why I was even a participant as a Christian. These events prompted me to search the history of all these Christmas symbols.

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I found that all of them were pagan or secular at best. Regardless of the reason, there is no proof at all to substantiate that Jesus was behind this December event whatsoever. Of course, not all of these new routines and resolutions are working smoothly all of the time. The girls eat mac and cheese twice in one week? Oh, well.

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Tack it onto the weekend. Or the next week. Who needs it? It makes me sound lazy, or decadent, or indecisive, the quintessential directionless artist. They feel scary, and therapeutic, and necessary. There has to be another reason why I write. There are bones! I need to find the right tools to brush away the dust and debris.

Fall in the Northwest has taught me that when the days turn gray, we just look harder for spots of bright color.

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But I posted this meal as my Facebook status update, and a few people asked for the recipes. We had a superb time with the polenta and the mushrooms, and chard on the side. But you could mix them all together.

You could add some goat cheese on top of the polenta. You could grate some Asiago or fresh Parmesan on top. You could add fresh cracked black pepper. But these 3 things together were just fine, all by themselves. I had some versions of this meal wandering around in my head, as I was shopping at the farmers market.

And polenta…definitely.

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I made the polenta the night before, and fried the polenta the next night, Monday. It was a super-busy day, with school, C at ballet and then M with swimming right afterwards. I grabbed a few bites of the polenta and mushrooms before we headed out the door. But when he came home, he found different pieces of the meal simmering on the stove, with a lovely bouquet of smells to greet him when he walked in the door.