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Factory Unlock iPhone 4/4S Free AT&T - T Mobile, GSM Carrier - Off Contract - Save Jailbreak

New iOS beta offers clue to iPhone 11 Pro launch date. You can easily set the distance on which your Mac should automatically be locked or unlocked. Try it out for FREE! User Near Lock to lock and unlock multiple Macs, copy and paste clipboards, take photos on failed login attempts and many more features. Near Lock lives in your Mac's menu bar and lets you view status of your iPhone and set the desirable locking distance.

Near Lock will work even when your iPhone is in your pocket. Of course, you can always launch Near Lock if you want to add new devices.

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Press Contact. A new way to lock your Mac. Someone texted you on iMessage and it shows automatically on your Mac where you can reply to message instantly. It would be great if Apple adds this feature by default on all iDevices.

Unlock iPhone/iPad Locked Screen with Ease

But currently, we need to use third-party app available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Before getting started to automatically unlock Mac with iPhone , you need to install the app on both your devices.

How to Unlock Your Mac Using Your iPhone

You are now all set to lock and unlock Mac with iPhone automatically. Set the distance to 3.

So when you leave the desk with iPhone, Near Lock application will detect the change in distance and instantly lock the Mac automatically. In the same way, it will unlock automatically when you come back to your desk later.


Top 3 iPhone Unlock Tools Download 12222

Near Lock mobile app uses low energy Bluetooth to calculate the distance between your iPhone and Mac and lock or unlock it depending on your configured distance. If you are using the free version of Near Lock, then you need to open the app first to unlock Mac with iPhone. The app will run in the background and it will detect the changes in the distance between two devices and do the needful automatically and instantly.

Near Lock is a third party app which is safe and free to use. Using this app you can auto unlock Mac with iPhone using fingerprint or low energy Bluetooth technology.

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