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This library can be used to build other, custom interfaces. The Microsoft Component Library was named comi2. You should throw away any copies of this file which exist on your system before using the latest version of the SDK. The SDK Sample Controls include samples demonstrating basic features of Mac ActiveX controls including property retrieval, data streaming, event handling, drawing, popup menus, dialogs, outgoing custom interfaces, and more.

These samples have been designed to easily serve as the basis for writing your own controls. The Mac ActiveX SDK ships with several Sample Containers which provide a simple environment for testing individual controls, including a Metrowerks PowerPlant-based container that extends PowerPlant document and view classes to host controls.

When a control is created for the first time, it must be binhexed so that the automatic code download feature will download it, decode it un-binhex it , and register it in the COM Registry. AutoBin is a drag-drop utility which is used to create binhexed versions of controls.

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New controls need a globally unique identifier GUID defined in their local register. Also, don't forget to copy this string into the HTML file that runs your control. IIDs are used typically when requesting an instance of an interface implementation.

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CLSIDs , or class identifiers, identify object classes. This program displays the contents of the current COM registry and allows you to edit, add, and remove keys. Removing keys of outdated controls is the most common use of this utility. However, the Register utility program can do that for you as well.

The Register utility provides a simple means of adding or removing control registry information from the Registration Database.

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In actual use, a control will be registered as part of its code download and installation process. The Register utility is more useful for removing outdated control information before testing a new version of it. To use Register, shift-drag the shared library of the control you want to unregister onto the Register application. The COM libraries must to be either in a common system location, such as the Extensions folder, or in the same folder as the control being unregistered.

Mac ActiveX controls can be viewed in several different containers and browsers. Commercial containers include Microsoft Internet Explorer 2. To run controls in Internet Explorer 3.

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An OpenDoc part adapter is currently in development to support ActiveX controls in Cyberdog and should be available soon. Individual ActiveX sample controls can be built by opening the sample projects with Metrowerks CodeWarrior version 10 or later and compiling. If there is a problem building any samples during script execution, you can cancel by clicking the process icon in the upper right corner of the Mac monitor, selecting 'Build ActiveX SDK' in order to bring the script to the foreground, and pressing command-period.

After configuring your system and building a sample control, running it is simply a matter of dragging the HTML xxx. Each individual control folder contains the files CxxxControl. Controls that do data streaming will pull in the CBaseBindStatusCallback class, found in Control Common, in order to receive progress status and data streams. The ActiveX base classes are provided as a convenience to the developer, providing baseline functionality which speeds control development. Developers are encouraged to use the base classes but are not limited to them -- any semantically equivalent implementation of the interfaces can be used.

The Mac ActiveX development team is interested in feedback on the base classes in order to make them better and better. See the end of this article for information on contacting the development team through a Microsoft-provided mailing list. The sample controls override anywhere from 2 to 15 methods of the base control depending on the features desired.

For simple controls that have no data or properties, you only have to modify some of the event methods and Draw methods. The Clock is the simplest, with no data or properties. PictPlayer is an example of a control that receives data through multiple data streams. The MoviePlayer demonstrates data streaming to a file. You can prepare for writing your own control by copying an existing control folder and modifying it.

The most basic sample control is the clock, as it supports only event handling and drawing, with no support for properties or data streaming.

What could be simpler? If your control runs successfully, you probably did everything right. Make sure an entry for your control appears in the Registry. This section is a step-by-step example of modifying an SDK sample in order to create a new, custom control. This tool takes care of much of the work involved in generating a new control based on one of the samples. The detailed information given below is a good way to become familiar with ActiveX controls and the work done by CodeSampler to create new versions of them.

Now it's time to generate some new code at last! Choose New from CodeWarrior's File menu and save the file as "spy. Type the following into the spy. Create another file inside CodeWarrior and save this one to disk as "spy.

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Type the following into the "spy. By downloading the software listed below, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the terms of the Flash Player License , the Adobe. The following downloads provide the Flash Player 32 beta installers for Mac and Windows operating systems. The technology is not final therefore we do not recommend this release be used on productions systems or for any mission-critical work. See the Flash Player 32 documentation for more information.

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