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Viewed 88 times. It should interpret it that way see this , it just cannot display it as such. I got hung up on binary compares and strconv's. Thanks Jeeped That last lil' bit o' rep I need for 10K is taking for- everr! Excel's trying to help you out by being case-insensitive. Thanks for helping me out but both those solutions did not work.

Is it possible to put the Exact function into VBA?

Add superscript and subscript to your Quick Access Toolbar

I tried gg. Almost any worksheet function can be called using VBA with Application.

WorksheetFunction functions However, you can do without it. See this post on Mr. So would what he is talking about here solve my problem "If, however, you are using the Option Compare Text, you can use the vba function StrComp with the Compare argument equal to vbBinaryCompare.

Add superscript and subscript buttons to Office toolbars

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A mathematical example is the variable: a n A chemical example is the chemical formula for water: H 2 O. Subscript shortcut. Subscript 2 example:. Superscript shortcut.

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Superscript 2 example:. To superscript in Excel with shortcuts, you need to use a combination of keyboard shortcuts:. How to Superscript and Subscript in Word. Use the Ribbon commands in Word:. Select your text in your document Click the Superscript or Subscript command in your Ribbon. Use the Font dialog box in Word:. To remove a superscript or subscript in Word, simply select the text and re-apply the effect.

How to Superscript and Subscript in Excel. Using the Format Cells dialog box in Excel:. How to Superscript and Subscript in PowerPoint. Use the Font dialog box in PowerPoint:. To remove your text formatting, simply select the text and re-apply your effect or unselect that text effect in the Font Dialog box To learn your strike through text shortcuts in PowerPoint, see our guide here. Double click the superscript "3" to transfer it to your Excel spreadsheet wherever you left your cursor there.

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