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If you are not comfortable with these steps, skip down to the section on RAM. These folders contain. An Administrator password will be required. Not all of these folders may exist on your system. Note that in OS X Internet plug-ins can also cause problems, especially older plug-ins with newer web browsers. Plug-ins tend to get installed automatically as you visit websites over the years, but rarely get uninstalled. Do you really need the RealPlayer plug-in from any longer?

Check the following two folders and as above, prune out anything you recognize as unneeded or more than three years out of date:. Your Mac uses RAM to store data that the computer is actively using. The more RAM you have, the more programs you can run simultaneously with less need to cache and store data on the much-slower disk storage. Doubling or quadrupling the amount of installed RAM if possible will make a noticeable difference in how smoothly the computer functions.

You can see how much memory is installed in your system under the Apple menu by choosing About This Mac. For systems running OS X Lion Quitting unused applications can also improve performance. Quitting or force quitting most of them can substantially improve performance.

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  • 2. Running Out of Disk Space!

If you need to force quit, restart the computer afterward. Speaking of restarting — why do techs always tell you to do this? But more seriously, after your computer has been running for a while and swapping lots of things in and out of RAM, or after a program has crashed, small errors can snowball into bigger glitches. The RAM storage itself can get fragmented, or stalled background processes can begin to interfere with running tasks.

Rebooting the computer clears out everything from RAM, stops all running processes, reloads the OS and brings things back to square one.

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Modern operating systems such as OS X, Windows 7 and Linux are much more resilient than in days of old, but the need to reboot has not gone away entirely. Each open window requires memory to store and CPU power to deal with. In general, try to keep under say 10 documents open for any single program at one time. Pick your poison!

Sometimes problems seem so vast that a fresh installation of the operating system is a tempting fix. Remember to back up all your data first — I like either Time Machine or making a clone of the hard drive for this task. These work faster and more reliably than online installers, and allow you to start over again if something goes wrong. I had to have the Apple Store put a new logic board in this computer about 6 months ago.

It was a video problem and the computer had no video at all. Would a more serious problem relating to the logic board or something on it cause a problem like this? Once the hardware test is done I will try to boot again from this hard drive.

1. Your hard drive is getting full

I was ready to check into replacing through warranty the new hard drive I put in but I'm not sure if that is the problem now. I purchased the AppleCare for 2 additional years but it just expired in April. I had a logic board replaced in this MBP less than 6 months ago. Since this may be a problem with the logic board would Apple cover it or is all coverage over since the AppleCare expired? Unfortunately since I'm probably just a couple weeks past AppleCare being over I'm hoping there's some type of chance of coverage. That is interesting I must say.

If you're up for it, try disconnecting the internal drive and then trying the external again to see how it works. The new issues still point more to a hard drive issue, but there's a reasonable chance there's a bad capacitor or two on the logic board. And I'm pretty sure you're stuck on the warranty thing. I'd have to double check, but I think they warrant replacement parts for either 90 days or the remainder of your AppleCare plan, whichever's longer.

Since you said it was 6 months ago, they probably won't be willing to do anything but offer you a no questions asked repair. Where you pay them some fixed fee, and they will repair the system regardless of what's wrong, or just give you a refurb replacement unit. More than that, with a 3 year old system, you may as well just bite the bullet and get a new one.

Remove the internal drive first, and boot off the external, see if that improves things at all. Even if you boot off an external, it still mounts the internal drive, and that could impact performance. But whatever the case, since the superduper backups work great on another system, it is almost certainly not a software issue, which leaves only hardware.

Most things are still pointing to the hard drive. It wouldn't cause the system to slow down.

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But here's kind of an odd thought Are you sure the same amount of RAM is in the system now as when you sent it in for the logic board replacement? Missing memory might explain why things slow down over time. I verified the RAM amount. Your post helped me and things were interesting today.

I went to the Apple store and turns out indeed it's the hard drive. I was shocked to find that out after what happened to me but it must be something like you explained. They booted from an external hard drive that had tons of options for which drive to boot from and it worked fine.

I was shocked how fast it ran and they verified it's definitely without a doubt the hard drive.

Why is my Mac Running Slow?

At least that's much cheaper and the good news, they said it's still under waranty. Maybe I was wrong with the date of they let it slide. I brought it home to do a 2nd SuperDuper backup since I have a spare external drive and will take it back in tommorrow for repair. They said it'll take days and that it will come to me like a stock install of Snow Leopard. I have another question though. How is the best way to restore from SuperDuper? I assume I could mirror and do a complete restore and I'd be done but I'm scared I copy errors back to the hard drive.

For example he showed me a screen that showed several lines with the number of errors listed. I'm not sure which line was what but one listed over errors. The best thing I can think of is to simply start over, set up Mail, set up mobile me syncing, install each program one by one, copy data over such as the my documents folder, my music, my photos, etc.

This way it s a lot of work but seems the safest but I'm open to any suggestions. Thank you again for the informative post. Yes, the Apple stores often have external hard drives with several different revisions of OS X installed. My guess is that they ran the Apple Service Diagnostic for your system. It's the big brother to the hardware test I suggested you run, and they're not available to the general public or I would have suggested that as well.

It's been a good while since I've used SuperDuper. Think the last time I looked at it was shortly after But it should have a restore option. Or, I suppose you could go in reverse. Boot from one of your SD backups, and then back that up to the internal drive. I suppose you can't complain too much if you're not paying for the repair, but days is nuts. Getting the part should only take about a day, putting the new drive in is maybe 15 minutes, and installing a copy of If it's taking them days to knock these things out, they need to bring on more staff, or subcontract with a local AASP to handle some of the overflow.

After installing this, restart once, then turn both Macs off, disconnect the Firewire cable and turn the Mini on again. It seems to take a while to boot the first time but after that it works OK. B Louis. According to this recipe, it can be done on machine models that originally shipped with SL. But not new Mac Minis. Uses System Image Utility to create a suitable We have 10 Mac minis Mac mini core i5 radeon m working productively with CS4 doing Layout and Photoediting with Well, I'm stumped. The SL installer won't run from the mini - says it needs a different version of the application.

Got a kernel panic. Might look deeper into that, but I don't know what to look for.

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It is possible. I've done it with two machines now and we have found some minor issues in display and cursor blinking, but all in all these instructions got me there Luca Mirci. Something I forgot to mention, you are likely going to have to do an erase of drive SL would be installed to, then install. These will avoid any software conflicts and backward compatibilities.

I understand the problem just fine, perhaps you are too soon to jump to the conclusion that I am wrong. Have you personally tried to install SL on a new Mac Mini using my method? Can you vouch that it does in fact not work?

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