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The fight against enemies, defeat them and snatch their resources to make your Kingdom Strong and powerful. The game offers more than twelve different civilizations, and each one has its own unique abilities and weakness. At the start of gameplay, it allows the player to choose his faction and get into to the game world, explore different locations, collect resources, and create various building and units in order to progress. After the progress of the game, it allows the player to create his own military force and get an attack on other factions in order to expand his civilization.

It is an excellent RTS game that offers quite engaging gameplay to immerse himself deep into the fantastic game world. The game offers brilliant, fantastic game mechanics, objective storyline and excellent visual details. It is another great game in the series of Emperor that offers several new modes that make the game more interesting and enjoyable. The game focuses on a city-building element that allows the player to create the whole city by using different kinds of building material.

The player must keep his inhabitant happy healthy and safe in order to progress. At the beginning of the game, it allows the player to explore the whole game world, gather useful resources makes different kinds of useful items and start to create various buildings. It allows the player to must show his leader ability and complete numbers of the task to progress.

It is an excellent game that offers quite addictive gameplay to immerse himself deep into the fantastic game world. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom offers key features such as various items, train his troops, and battle against the other nations challenge his friends and much more. The game offers superb game controls and setting, enjoyable gameplay, well-written storyline and beautiful graphics details. In this competition, the player is responsible for saving several citizens as possible from multiple regions of Nuevos Aires and a massive city that is full of bloodthirsty zombies.

It offers various missions, and in each mission, the player can rescue the several civilians from zombies with the help of helicopters. It provides a top-down view where the human and zombies are represented by different colored. The player aim is simple to rescue the degree of human in order to complete his mission. Atom Zombie Smasher includes core features such as different modes, upgrades, various military units and much more. With immersive and quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline, simple controls, and beautiful graphics details.

It is a fourth installment in the series of Age of Wonders in which the player can take on the role of a leader of the fantasy kingdom who can explore the world, interact with other races and try to expand his area in order to progress. The game introduces a new role-playing element that allows the player first to choose his character and customize his leader with different things.

There are total six races in this game such as human, dwarves, orcs, goblins, draconian and high elves and the player can choose each one independently. The game also offers real-time strategy feature in which the player can create different kinds of buildings and units in his area. In during the combat, the player can also capture the opponent units and buildings. Age of Wonders III includes core features such as different modes, upgrades, multiple classes and powerful units, etc.

The game offers improved visual details, enhanced game mechanics, and quite impressive gameplay. It is an official expansion pack to the game of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos that includes new units for all the races, new campaigns and heroes etc. The game add to new auxiliary races such as Draenei and Naga and also allows the player to control the shop in during the gameplay. Both of the races offers numbers of exciting things such as the Naga race exists in all the races and units, allies and units and Draenei provides more sophisticated creep that found only in Blood Elf missions.

The gameplay of game is similar to its main game to create the numbers of buildings, units and train his troops and combat against the enemy creatures. The game offers enhanced game mechanics, well-written storyline and brilliant visual details. It is a 3 rd title of The Settlers series that feature new single-player missions, new maps, and map editor etc. It is an enjoyable strategy game, controlled via a point and click interface in which the player aims to build a settlement with functioning economy and military units. In single-player campaigns the player control one of three different races such as Roman, Asians, and Egyptians whose respective deities are summoned by the great god HE.

At the start of the game the player has limited resources to complete his objective, but after completing numbers of levels, the player is able to unlock new resources and upgrades by using his experience points. The Settlers III also allows the player to explore the massive fantasy environment to collect new technologies. In multiplayer mode, the player is able to play against his friends to prove himself as best in the world.

The game offers lots of prominent features such as new gameplay modes, upgrades, new units, different buildings and story quest etc. With addictive gameplay, enhanced mechanics, and smooth controls. The Settlers III is one of the best game as compared to its previous games. The game offers more than eight main games, and each title offers the same gameplay but with a different storyline, environment, objects, and features. In every game, the player can take on the role of a legend, and the main task of the player is to explore the whole land gather resources to create building and units to progress.

After building the empire, the game allows the player to develop his military force and train them to attack other lands to rule on it.

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The series provides a brilliant Real-time Strategy gaming experience along with management around the massive world. The Settlers game series also offers key features such as Unlockable Achievements, Upgrades, many Characters, unique combat system and lots of other things, etc. With enhanced game mechanics, addictive and quite engaging gameplay, dynamic background music, and stunning graphics, The Settlers is an exciting game series to play and enjoy.

The game is available to play on Windows and Mac platforms only and developed by The Creative Assembly.

Zeus: Master of Olympus Alternatives for Mac OS

It focuses on resource management, tactics, and tactical control of battles. Shogun: Total War is the first entry in the marvelous series of Total War, offering detailed strategic gameplay. The series offers exciting gameplay, in which you must create your Empire, gather resources Gold, Metal, Food, and others , train your troops, and fight against enemies. Conquer enemy empires, loot the resources, and expand your empire. Total War series includes the most prominent features, exciting environment, brutal enemies, multiplayer interaction, weapons, and more.

It is the best video game series as compared to other RTS games.

The story of the game revolves around several characters who had landed their spaceship on a strange planet when their ship crashed. The game offers similar gameplay to Dwarf Fortress and features detail characters. The main task is to create a colony for the survivors of a ship crash. Gather resources, craft items, and fight against strange creatures to live longer.

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The planet is full of a hostile tribe, rampaging animals, raiders, ancient killing machines, and more. Discover new technologies, expand the colony further and further, and decorate it with tons of decorations, and solve challenging quests. In this game, the player can assume the role of a Napoleon Bonaparte. The game offers two different kinds of gameplay a turn-based geopolitical campaign and the second one is a real-time tactical battle. In the turn-based geopolitical campaign, the player can build numbers of the building, produce units, makes his own military forces and create new technologies, etc.

And in real-time tactical battles the game allows the player command his own armies and get an attack on the other castles in order to expand his castle. The game includes core features such as four different campaigns, multiple nations, many recourses, lots of upgrades, massive game world, and various levels, etc.

With quite exciting gameplay, well-written storyline, dynamic background, music and excellent ultra-HD visual details. Napoleon: Total War is one of the most popular game in the Total War series. The game takes place in the futuristic world in which the game allows the player to explore the unique game world, build various cities with the different building, research new technologies and conquer several factions.

The main map of the game allows the player to establish different bases, move his units, command his force and get combat against the powerful enemy creatures. It is a brilliant game that allows the player to immerse himself deep into the fantastic game world.

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  5. Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri includes core features such as different Modes, unique Combat System, and Customization option, discover new Technologies and much more. With quite engaging gameplay, well-written storyline, details graphics, enjoyable background music, and fantastic game mechanics. Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri is one of the best game as compared to the same genres. It is another installment in the series of Total War that takes place in the historical world of Japan in century. In this game, the player can assume the role of a protagonist who is a clan leader and general of the campaign.

    The game allows the player to create his own military units, manages his land and armies, and get a battle against the powerful enemy creatures in order to rule the world. It allows the player to explore the different locations and collect useful resources such as military production, economic growth, settlements, and new technologies, etc. It includes key features such as different Modes, Builds his own Kingdom, Conquer the Island, Turn-based Campaign Map, various Combat systems and unlocks new technologies, etc.

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    With superb game controls and setting, brilliant visual, addictive gameplay, and enhanced game mechanics. The game supports both Single and Multiplayer mode and it is the fifth entry in the series of Total War. Not all of the innovations are good. Graphics are not so nice looking as in previous products, I dont like heroes attracting stuff.

    This game is amazing. It allows you to have full control of a city in the greek ages. YOu have many options of different buildings to build and is somewhat easy to learn.

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    There is a lot of physics in this game and will take some time to learn all of them and how to work with them. Graphics are good, they are similar to any other city-building game, and maybesomewhat improved. Sound is good, but could be improved. Not only is it city building but it also has military building and has it possible for you to conquer another city in Greece. The sound can be improved, or more of taking out the annoying randomizing sounds. Read reply 1.