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A detailed name list can be found in the mac version. Some contributions variants and multiple translations deleted. Mnemonic Type: 3.

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Translation: To avoid mistakes We should read it rightly: Three, forteen, fifteen, Ninety two and six. From: Timur Kadyshev timur iris. The poem discribe the fowllowing Situation: There are a little mond and an old mond in a temple located in a mountain. The old mond drink wine, but the little mond must work hard. So the little mond is unhappy and read the poem: There is a temple in the mountain There is a pot of wine in the temple. You are happy with your wine drinking. But I am suffering from the hard work. You drink the wine, but I hope the wine drinking can kill you. In practice this can't kill you, So you are happy always.

Sixteen years ago, when I was in my middle school, my teacher told us one. It uses one Chinese character for one digit. Though the sounds are not very precise, it helped me to remember 23 digits of pi until now. This one may be very popular in China since I once saw it appeared in a school's exercise book. San mountain dian peak yi one si temple yi one hu pot jiu wine , 3. Hope this is meaningful.

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From: Wang TianXing txwang public. From: Paul J. For example, 1 is a policeman notice the hat 2 is a swan 3 is a butterfly 4 is a young girl Notice the hands on the hips 5 is a snake 6 is a man with a swollen foot 7 is a walking stick 8 is a fat woman 9 is an elephant notice the loop in the ear 0 is an egg. You can then make up a story in order to remember your numbers.

Here is my one for Pi: I begin with 3. The next number is 1, then From: Julian E. Fitzgibbon jfitz maths. Translation: Three point Hus burnt, and Brandenburg [conquered] will render the number of Pi. Explanation: During the council of Constance, in the year , Johannes Hus was condemned to death at the stake. Brandenburg was conquered in the year Stolz uni-konstanz.

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DKIM support for signing and authenticating messages. New auto-negotiation SSL option has been added to the security pull-down menu. The 'List-Unsubscribe' header is now automatically created and added to the message headers when precedence is set to 'List'. The 'Errors' field has been moved to the 'Delivery' part of the settings panel previously in 'Sender Information'. Attachments are now sent faster. Fix: Encoding issue when saving and importing remote server presets. Fix: Interface flickering has been fixed on the MS Windows version. Fix: Some small aesthetic fixes to some windows.

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Subscription and unsubscription handling thru regular e-mails. Avoiding having your legitimate e-mails being flagged as SPAM. Using your own SMTP server, advantages and drawbacks. Recent questions from our MaxBulk Mailer users. For years, MAX Programming has provided companies around the globe with sophisticated and innovative solutions.

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Maxprog is part of an internet site network made of desktoolset. Massa e-mailsoftware MaxBulk Mailer - Het gereedschap voor al uw marketing behoeften. MaxBulk Mailer v8 Nieuws.

Online Gebruikershandleiding. Zo begin je je eigen nieuwsbrief. Veelgestelde vragen. Anti-Spam Beleid. Doelgerichte e-mail is zonder twijfel zeer effectief. Als je er in slaagt je product of dienst via email rechtstreeks te introduceren bij de klanten die er injteresse in hebben, zal dit de kans op succes voor je bedrijf vergroten. MaxBulk Mailer Demo Movie. MaxBulk Mailer Tutorial. Deze aanbieding eindigt op. Volledige ondersteuning van internationale karakters 40 verschillende coderingen. E-mails kunnen allemaal tegelijk, gegroepeerd of door gebruik te maken van mail-bundelings markeringen verzonden worden.

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